Getting Started
Installing the Content Repository 5
Downloading the Content Repository 5
You can install and start the Content Repository 5 with following steps:
  1. Download a distribution of MintJams Content Repository 5 from link below.
  2. UNZIP into a directory of your choice. DO NOT unzip onto the Desktop (because its path is hard to locate). Take note of your installed directory. Hereafter, We shall refer to the installed directory as <TOMCAT_HOME>.
  3. Open the "<TOMCAT_HOME>/cr5/configuration/credentials/" file with text editor. Set a password for "admin" user to "admin.password" entry. These values are encrypted the next time you start the Apache Tomcat server.
  4. Launch a shell. Set the current directory to "<TOMCAT_HOME>/bin", and run "".
MintJams Content Repository 5, Apache Tomcat, and Apache Derby are included in this distribution. The clustering does not supported with the default configuration. The Apache Tomcat server MUST be accessible by all members of the team.
Signing in to the Control Center
  1. Click the "Sign in" button at the top page of Control Center.
  2. Sign in with your SignOnCloud account.
Creating your team
  1. Click the "Create a new team" button.
  2. Enter the team name and click the "Finish" button.
Adding your first repository
  1. Click the "Add" link at the empty list of repositories.
  2. Enter the Content Repository 5 location. (e.g. https://<YOURHOST>:<PORT>/content/cr5/default)
  3. Click the "Finish" button.
Installing the authorization file
  1. Click the "Save the" link of the repository to download the "" file.
  2. Copy the "" file into the credentials directory of the Content Repository 5 (<TOMCAT_HOME>/cr5/configuration/credentials).
Signing in to the Content Repository 5
Click the repository location link to sign in.

Only the administrators and members can sign in to a repository.
Signing in to the Content Repository 5
  1. Enter a username to sign in to the repository.
  2. Enter a password and click the "Sign in" button.
  • You can sign in as admin user.
Signed in

List of sites appears.
Adding the team members
Creating the "allmembers.txt" file
  1. Specify each OpenID of member in the list file on a separate line.
  2. Save into a directory of your choice.
Open the "Edit the members" form
  1. Move to the team page.
  2. Click the "Edit" link at the number of members.
Uploading the member file
  1. Drop the "allmembers.txt" file to web browser.
  2. Click the "Yes" button.
  1. Confirm the number of members.