Getting Started on Amazon Web Services
Content Repository 5 on Amazon Web Services
Content Repository 5 on AWS is an AMI (Amazon Machine Image) with an Amazon Linux 2017.03 (64-bit) OS. Please see for more information on Amazon Linux AMI.
For information on Content Repository 5, please see
We recommend you enable a valid TLS/SSL connection for Apache HTTP Server, please see
Content Repository 5
Install Directory
* Hereafter, We shall refer to this directory as <CR5_HOME>.
Configuration Directory
Apache HTTP Server
Init Script
Configuration File
Log Files
Apache Tomcat
Init Script
Configuration Files
Log Files
Init Script
Configuration File
Log Files
Installing the Content Repository 5
Creating the Amazon EC2 Instance
You can create and start the Content Repository 5 with following steps:
  1. Create an Amazon EC2 instance with Content Repository 5 AMI and wait for initialization to passed.
  2. Access the Content Repository 5 via a Web browser at https://<public_dns>/content/cr5/default/.
  3. Enter username admin and initial password, and click on the "Sign in" button.
    Note on Content Repository 5 version 5.15.0 or newer
    Admin user's initial password will be generated automatically when the Content Repository 5 started.
    1. Please access to the EC2 management console in your Web browser.
    2. Select Content Repository 5 instance, and click the Actions button.
    3. In the drop down menu, select Instance Setting, and choose Get System Log.
    4. In the system log window, scroll through to the bottom to find the password that's surrounded by hash marks.